Five things the interior designers do not tell you

Interior design is crucial to those who see the inside of your building, whether you are showing off a house to buyers or establishing a commercial business with customers. However, there are some things that interior designers just won’t tell you about upfront. The most famous thing interior designers don’t tell you are the costs associated with their services. They will usually start off with a free consultation, but then they will tell you that the costs are determined as the work is being done. Then after the work is done, the client is faced with a huge unexpected bill that they did not budget for. But, it doesn’t stop with just the cost to the client. Often times, the interior designers don’t tell people that they have affiliations with their architects and decorators. This means that the interior designers get kickbacks for outsourcing to these service providers. Most clients don’t even realize this and then end up paying for the fees of multiple service providers. The interior designer won’t even tell the client that they are getting money from these providers in addition to the clients themselves.


Interior designers are famous for hiding costs and what they make on the side. However, what none of the professionals will ever tell you is that you can hire interior design students from a college for a lot less money. Many interior design schools require their students to actually get real world experience in their field by doing a design for someone’s home. That means they will be more than happy to work cheap for clients, so they can get that college credit. Now if you still prefer to go with a professional then just make sure you get the costs in writing before any work is performed. A lot of interior designers will charge by the hour and then take a long time to rack of the costs. Instead, you should emphasize to a prospective designer that you would like a fixed price set and a contract in writing that states the costs of the service. That way they won’t try to overcharge you for anything in the future. Finally, always do your research on the interior designers by making sure they are members of the International Interior Design Association. Interior designers won’t normally tell you what their qualifications are. They will assume clients will trust them because they have a fancy business card. Make sure you question the interior designer thoroughly about their background and whether or not they are associated with the IIDA. If they are not and you cannot find reviews on their services then you should not hire them.