Five tips on choosing a reliable mover

A reliable mover is important to hire when you plan on moving into a new house. You will want to have a moving company that is cost effective, but with workers that are professional and take extra care of your belongings when storing them on their truck. So, how do you go about choosing a reputable mover? Thanks to the invention of the internet, it is very easy to look up customer reviews on moving companies in Singapore. Just go to the Google search engine and type in “Singapore moving company reviews.” You will get a list of websites that provide reviews on these companies. One of the most popular review based websites is called “” You could also just go there and search for reviews yourself. They have a five star rating system along with a comment section, so that people can post their personalized reviews of the company. Obviously, you will be looking for positive reviews that confirm the mover is reliable. You can even try word-of-mouth by asking your neighbors if a mover you are looking to hire is reliable or not. If they have never heard of your mover, then they will likely recommend someone who they know is reliable.

A reliable mover has a history of excellence in Singapore. You can check the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority website for Singapore businesses to see how long your mover has been in business. Any business in existence longer than ten years is worth considering.  When you go to contact the mover, try to see if they will inspect your belongings and give you a free estimate on the costs for moving them. Most reliable movers will do this while others will just surprise you with a big bill after the move is over. Also, you will want to ask the movers if they are responsible for any damages to your belongings. If they say no, then that doesn’t mean they are unreliable. These companies may offer a packaging service or recommend someone to properly package your belongings, so that they don’t get damaged while they are being transported to your new house. The most important thing you want to make sure of is that the moving company is not outsourcing the labor to a third party. All of the movers must be working for the actual company. This guarantees that you are not getting an inflated price and are dealing with the people who actually work for the company you are paying.


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